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STEP 2: Customise your board

Please customise your sign to suit your taste. When finished please click on the 'Get Price & Review' button.

Standard Board Options

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Sign ID:VO02
Type of sign:VOLVO
Description:This board has the oval broken up SIZE 475mm x 485mm
Board Colour: - this is the colour of the vinyl on the board (black is the most popular)
Voltage: (12 Volt signs incur a small surcharge)

Customise LED Colours

Please select the colour of LED you would like used for each 'feature' of the sign.

BROKEN OVAL - The broken oval is in Yellow
LED Colour:
CIRCLES - The circles are in Green
LED Colour:
LED Colour:

Customise Text

If you would like to include text on the sign please enter it below and select the colour of LED you would like used for this text and the layout style. Text is only available in selected positions on the sign and only for a selected number of signs (i.e. not all signs have this feature). Please note that all text on the sign is done in UPPERCASE regardless of what you enter here. If you do want any text please leave the field blank otherwise you will be charged for the characters you insert. For the same reason you should NOT include any other text (e.g. special notes) as our pricing system bases its quote on the number of characters you enter.

ABOVE - The text will be above the logo
Text: LED Colour: Layout:
BOTTOM - The text will be below the logo
Text: LED Colour: Layout:

Have you checked everything?

When you are satisfied with your customisations please click the button below and a price will be calculated for you.

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